View Full Version : Deardorff vs. Kodak Masterview ?

Jonathan Simmons
26-Nov-1999, 07:55
i have used 4x5 for years, and am now ready to make the switch to 8x10. i love my busch pressman, and have used a super graphic in the past. both have more th an enough moves for my straight-on portraits or landscapes. i also love how eas y and quick they are to set up. i say this to give a sense of what i'm looking for in an 8x10-not a tremendous amount of moves, something sturdy, simple, and easy to set up. with that said, i'd welcome input in a making a decision about an 8x10-i'm looking at either a deardorff or a kodak masterview. also, if peopl e could give me an idea about pricing for these, i'd appreciate that. thanks. jonathan

Sean Billy Bob Boy yates
29-Nov-1999, 12:28

Go down a few questions and check out the one entitled, "Kodak Master Camera" I think it is. The fellow there may know of one for sale with a 10" Ektar