View Full Version : Is 10 Year Old Tri X film, Still Good?

Jim Shaver
31-May-2005, 19:12

I recently found this forum and I am very excited about it. I have a 4x5 Linholf that I regretably have not used in over 10 years. I recently found the desire to get back to making images and want to use my trusty camera again.

In my stash of goodies I found several unopened boxes of Kodac Tri X. It was stored at room temperature all this time, is it still usable?

Thanks your for your kind responses,
Take care,

Jim Shaver
Oakville, Ont.

David A. Goldfarb
31-May-2005, 19:27
It's probably a little foggy. As Ken suggests, try a few sheets and see how it looks. You might add a little benzotriazole to the developer to keep down the base fog.

Mike Chini
31-May-2005, 20:12
Try some! I found some OLD T-Max 100 4x5 from about '98 stored out of its box (still wrapped though) in a warm closet and it is fine. So your Tri-X should be useable.

Jim Shaver
31-May-2005, 20:20
Thanks Guys,

I appreciate the quick responses. I feel like I am starting over again after 10 years, I was just about to build a darkroom when I got married and later became a dad.....and everything stopped.

Now that I am about to begin again I am not sure what is current anymore, so my selection of an enlarger may well be my next purchase.

I'll post that question after I slip through the past posts here...Thank You very much,

Take care,
Jim Shaver
Oakville, Ont.

Steve Hamley
31-May-2005, 20:28
Yep, try it and see. I bought 50 4x5 Riteways off eBay for the average price and got a bonus - they were loaded with the old thick base Estar Tri-X. All of them, 100 sheets. It's more than usable.