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Don Cameron
31-May-2005, 15:01
I saw the post on LF camera sales and wondered how many of you would buy an 8X10 camera if Polaroid would make their PN available? I know they made some for the last big show, but decided there wouldn't be enough interest to offer it to the public. I would buy it in an instant, and everybody I know with a big camera was interested. I think there would be a lot of sales of 8 X 10's if this was an option. So I'm just curious if the interest is as large as I suspect. Maybe if enough people mailed a letter, faxed a note, or e-mailed them! Then MAYBE?

Don Cameron


George Stewart
31-May-2005, 15:59
I would have been very intersted. Earlier this year I sold my processor, only after researching that they would not produce the PN material.

Donald Brewster
31-May-2005, 16:52
I'd love it, but I'm not holding my breath. Apparently Polaroid has developed it, but didn't believe there was sufficient market to produce it commercially. That said I doubt having Type 55 film has spurred 4x5 camera sales to any real extent.

Ralph Barker
31-May-2005, 17:22
I'd buy Type 855 in half a heartbeat, assuming the price was relatively reasonable (at least in line with the current 8x10 Polaroid materials).

David A. Goldfarb
31-May-2005, 17:50
I'd buy it too, but probably not enough to justify its existence (maybe a couple of boxes a year). 8x10" Polaroid materials are around $9 a sheet from B&H for existing products. It could get to be an expensive habit. How many people would really shoot enough of it to make it worth producing?

Will Strain
31-May-2005, 18:06
I have an 8x10 Wista Field in storage... type 855 would be enough for me to get it out again.

In 4x5 b&w I pretty much only shoot type 55 these days... not having a darkroom available for personal work - the polaroid films have been all that's kept me shooting with any regularity.

Andrew O'Neill
31-May-2005, 19:04
I would buy it, too!!

31-May-2005, 20:02
me 3

S. Preston Jones
31-May-2005, 20:45
I would like to get my hands on some.


31-May-2005, 21:20
Add my vote!!!

Steve Hamley
1-Jun-2005, 07:10
Me 4, but threads like these rise occasionally, get 6-8 replies then vanish until resurrected the following year where they get another few replies.

I suspect these threads aren't going to convince Polaroid to produce 8x10 PN, and the small number of replies may be considered continued evidence that their decision not to produce was correct.

Maybe a better approach would be to get a dealer interested in a batch purchase from whom we could all order from? Polaroid might be convinced by a dealer to run a one-time "semi-large" batch to judge the market rsponse.

Maybe Tracy Storer could give advice/opinion on how to proceed since he has better contacts than we do? Also, some of the Polaroid folks seem to monitor these threads, so if you're out there, any advice on what it would take to convince Polaroid to give it a whirl?


Doug Howk
1-Jun-2005, 15:17
I'm just getting into 8X10 Polaroid materials and think the addition of type 55 PN in that size would be an excellent addition. My only wish is that the print & neg speed would be more closely matched.

Alex Hawley
1-Jun-2005, 20:18
I recently started using Polaroid materials. In my research, I discoverd a thread, either here or on the "other" LF forum, where Polaroid had developed and field tested a type 855. This was maybe three years ago. Alas, the poster, a Polaroid employee, said the management had decided not to place the film into production. Finito! Too bad.

Jim Grimes
20-Jan-2006, 12:12
OK, here some basic questions...
Is 55PN similiar to the 4x5 Polaroid film that is available?
I just got my first 8x10 and assumed that Polaroid film was available for that format as it has been for the 4x5. Am I correct that it either is not as popular or maybe too expensive to produce/purchase in the larger format?
Is everything else the same for how it works other than the size?


Walt Calahan
20-Jan-2006, 14:52
Definitely! I'd buy P/N 8x10.

20-Jan-2006, 16:39
I guess I am the only grinch in this group. I regularly use Polaroid positive film, currently 803. No interest in negative, for which I prefer Tri-X.