View Full Version : 5x7 film holder at the Brooklyn Roundhouse?

Christopher Perez
31-May-2005, 14:13

I couldn't figure out how to get the "word" out other than this forum. Sorry.

If you left a 5x7 film holder down at the Brooklyn Roundhouse, the engineers down there still have it and would be happy to return it the next time you come down. Just let them know when you arrive.

Gads! The light in there was perfect. But I'd run out of time and had only two sheets of 7x17 left un-exposed. I'd spent too much time outside with the wee-4x5 and earlier under the bridges with the 7x17. Maybe next weekend I'll wander back to see if I can't capture some of that light... :-)

Jim McChesney
12-Jul-2005, 16:47
What and where is the Brooklyn Roundhouse?