View Full Version : Fujinon-W 360 f6.3 coverage questions

Robert McClure
31-May-2005, 11:26
Am I correct (LFPF archives) that a Fujinon-W 360 f6.3 will cover 7x17 whether the "older" or the "newer." That older versus newer is significant only relative to 12x20, for example.

Thank you!

Robert McClure
31-May-2005, 11:28
The particular specimen of above, SN282178. Thanks!

31-May-2005, 22:52

I don't have any experience with the newer Fujinon-W lenses. However, I owned at one time an older 360mm Fujinon-W lenses and it would *not* cover 12X20. It was a very good lens for 7X17, with quite a lot of movement, but it clipped the corners seriously with 12X20.

1-Jun-2005, 09:41

Hello Robert, the above link has some excellent reference on the Fujinon lenses. I also found one or two others but this one is quick and precise. Paul