View Full Version : What Canon filter is this?

Eduardo Aigner
31-May-2005, 08:36
I recently bought this CANON filter (http://www.eduardoaigner.com.br/canon/) very cheap but have no idea what it is made for. Aparently it is a normal yellow but the writings are somewhat strange to me. It says CANON (72mm) SY50-2C 2x FOR SCOOPIC USE ONLY. My question is: can I use it as a regular yellow filter on 4x5 b&w film?

Janko Belaj
31-May-2005, 13:07
Well... I'm not some big expert on filters and don't know what that filter is for (s0me Canon movie camera?), but I have used 85B filter as light-orange filter on b&w films quite successfuly. Sure, efect was week, but that filter (85B) is week too. And I have used many transparent materials as filters with same (successfuly) results... of course, I'm talking now only about coulur rendition, not sharpnes. Anyway, I don't see reason why that your nice (glassy unlike some mine experiments) filter whan't be usefull with your film.

Ron Marshall
31-May-2005, 13:34
Yes, it was originally for a movie camera:


Eduardo Aigner
31-May-2005, 13:47
I just worry about the "scoopic use ONLY", since I have never seen a warning like that before.

Robert A. Zeichner
31-May-2005, 16:38
This is a standard 72mm x .075 screw-in filter that was originally designed for the Canon Scoopic 16mm motion picture camera. The 2x is the filter factor (1 stop). I can't recall if it is coated, but generally speaking, the filters Canon has made are pretty decent ones.