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Tin Can
30-Jan-2017, 09:19
This is not my project and I have no connection, but I just got Twitted about it.

I may contribute, may not. I worked on a William Burroughs film Doc a few years ago.

I find the story posted in the KS blurb an interesting bit of photographic history for free.

Below from the KS page.

"Thanks for the question.

Our print vendor scans our 4x5 negatives at 2040ppi using a Hasselblad flextight scanner. Prints are made from the digital file on Illford silver gelatin paper using a chemical process and chemical developing. It's a mix of digital and chemical process.

I'm really really picky about the quality of my prints and was hesitant about any digital intermediate but we had some proofs made and they are exemplary.

Thanks again for your pledge!


Tin Can
30-Jan-2017, 09:56
I now notice this KS ended. I have no idea why the KS owner of this project, Patrick Clement, would Twit me about it and add a link. We are not 'friends'!

I'm going to leave it up, but something is fishy in Twitter Land.

30-Jan-2017, 13:54
Dang, I wish I had known about this Kickstarter. I'd love a copy of that book.

30-Jan-2017, 15:34
I'm going to leave it up, but something is fishy in Twitter Land.

Good move, Randy. I am sure you know how harvesting is becoming sophisticated enough that even an amateur player gets into the act. In your case I suspect some newbie did that, whether associated with the effort or not is enough to convince me to stay away. And given how late the scam arrived .. hey maybe we should harvest the harvesters. :) No. It is like wrestling with pigs.

Take care, Buddy.

PS: I have pictures of Burroughs from the Seventies when I hung out with him and Ginsberg.

31-Jan-2017, 11:27
Jac, I'd love to see those shots!

If anyone is curious, the author is selling the books directly from his website: