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Varakan Ten Tipprapa
31-May-2005, 07:30
Hello There,

My name is Varakan Ten Tipprapa. I'm Linhof Master
Technika owner since 2001. I tried to contact Bob
Solomon, I know his name from LF photographer website.
I do need help for your company.

I accidentally made a mistake breaking the black screw
under the plate which holding the fate bad (Please see
attachment picture). Could you please send me two new
of this part? (in the picture is the missing one)

My address is
Varakan Tipprapa
1838 W. Thomas 1F,
Chicago IL,

Please call me any time for information about payment
at my cell at +1 312 282 4753.

Please reply me ASAP.
Thank you in advance,

Varakan Ten Tipprapa
31-May-2005, 07:33
I can not put any picture here, please give me your email address. I'll send it right away.
Thank you

Varakan Ten Tipprapa

David A. Goldfarb
31-May-2005, 08:11
Call Marflex (973) 808-9626, and hope that it's in stock. If not, it could be a long wait from Germany.

Brian Ellis
31-May-2005, 08:17
Bob''s company doesn't sell parts as far as I know. You need to contact Marflex, the U.S. repair facility for Linhof. They maintain a Linhof parts inventory and almost certainly will have the part you need. If you do a Google search you can find their contact information, I don't have it handy, but if you can't get it through Google let me know and I'll dig it out or perhaps someone else can post it here. You may need to be a little more careful with the translation of whatever it is that you're calling a "fate bad," that doesn't describe any Linhof part that I know of in English.

Varakan Ten Tipprapa
31-May-2005, 10:21
Sorry for my poor English. I email them already to Marflex and already called , seem they're on holiday...

It would be a lot more clear which part I've been talking about by picture .. I already email to German website with the picture.. wish, one of those emails can help me out.. .Now I 've been stuck can not take any picture.. : (

Wish my luck,

Chris Hauth
31-May-2005, 11:21
A couple of years ago a part broke on my MT 2000. I called Marflex and was told that they would send it out right away. Several weeks went by. Another call. Several more weeks. Another call. I got tired of waiting so I emailed the factory in Germany. They were very helpful and apologetic and had it to me in four days. I'm still waiting for the one from Marlfex.

J. P. Mose
31-May-2005, 12:42
I have not received reponses on parts request from Marflex over the past year. I usually have to call two - three times. You may be better off going directly to Linhof in Germany.

Ron Marshall
2-Jun-2005, 12:09
Have you tried S.K. Grimes. Since they do repairs they may have a suitable screw on hand or be able to give you an alternate source.