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Eric Brody
30-May-2005, 11:11
I follow auctions for Arca Swiss cameras on that auction site. I do not own an Arca but do enjoy the fantasy.

I'd like to let anyone contemplating a camera purchase know of a somewhat misleading auction on "that" site. It is for an Arca Swiss 4x5 camera, listed as "F-line."

The good news is that there are decent photos of the camera. The bad news is that it's not what I believe most people would call an F-line, the newer model. It is clearly the older model camera.

I emailed the seller through the auction site and requested he change the listing as to be less misleading. He felt I was being "outrageous."

Caveat emptor.


Will Strain
30-May-2005, 11:25
If it is actually an F line - regardless of model - then I can't fault him. He has pictures. And as with anything on that site... you should tread carefully when you buy.

Emmanuel BIGLER
30-May-2005, 12:14
As far as I can rely on my knowledge of what an Arca Swiss F-line camera is, including models built in the years just following 1984 (which still use low-profile rails type I) the camera listed on 'that' auction site features :

- silver-finish rails, F-line rails are black,

- function carriers and format frames older than those used on a F-line. Function carriers as can be seen on the picture are totally different from those used on F-line cameras in the second half of the '80s.. there is no claping lever on F-line cameras, only knobs, the semi-cylinder is reversed wiwth respect to F-line function carries, etc...

- a flat lensboard, F-line use a recessed lens board

- lens axis tilts, a feature abandoned on F-lines

- old-style Arca Swiss logo from the Oschwald Brother Times.

Difficult, however to see whether the bellows clamping sytems are F-line or pre-F...

"caveat emptor", for sure.

Andre Noble
30-May-2005, 12:14
That's right, if he has pictures, he's probably emphasizing 'F line' merely to attract interest in his auction. That's fair.

Anthony Windsor
30-May-2005, 12:46

My comment:
"it's not any sort of f-line. it is the earlier model."

His reply:
"i purchased the camera new, it is the original f line. the current newer model has been through many modifications through the years."


Kerry L. Thalmann
30-May-2005, 13:08
The seller has updated his auction listing.

As others have correctly stated, that camera is definitely NOT an F-Line. While the basic modular concept is the same, there are numerous differences. The most significant is the format frames are made from molded plastic, not machined metal like the F-Line. The bellows frames are also different.

It's a good, cheap, lightweight monorail, but far from a real F-Line. Selling prices for these older Arca Swiss monorails usually top out in the $400 range, sometimes considerably less, depending on condition and included accessories. Prices for a used F-Line typically run 4 - 5x as much.


Brian Ellis
30-May-2005, 20:42
What is "that auction site?" Do you mean e bay? If it's e bay you mean why not just say so, there's no law against identifying ebay by name.