View Full Version : Enlarger lenses for a DIY 8x10 camera?

28-Jan-2017, 03:34
I'm currently planning a DIY 8x10 camera and I'm investigating lenses, many of the ones on ebay seem way out my budget (less than 100 :( ) but there are some enlarging lenses (like a Schneider G-CLARON 240mm f9) - here: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Schneider-G-CLARON-240mm-f9-Enlarging-Enlarger-Lens-CLEAR-GLASS-/252710253923?hash=item3ad6b47563:g:8nUAAOSwjDZYbWTW

I plan to use direct positive paper so I guess I can use the lens cap as a shutter with long exposure times.

Would these produce reasonable results? Almost all my LF work is in studio, close ups of flowers and still life. I currently use a Schneider-Kreuznach 105mm 1:4.5 Lens on my 4x5 camera (which I think is also an enlarger lens) and am very happy with the results.

Dan Fromm
28-Jan-2017, 05:54
G-Clarons aren't enlarging lenses, they're lenses for process cameras and perform well at all distances. A 240 G-Claron will probably do well for you. It just covers 8x10. The "just" won't be a problem because you plan to shoot with direct positive paper and won't be enlarging.

The 240 G-Claron's cells are direct fits in a #1 shutter. I see timed exposures in your future.