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Peter Gomena
27-Jan-2017, 17:09
I'm looking for locking levers for a Cambo SC. These are plastic and wrench down the swing/shift locks fore and aft. Any ideas where to find them? I see a pair of knurled plastic nuts on evilbay that were the replacement for the levers, but I don't know if they'll fit. Advice? Sources of Cambo parts? Cambo's website is of little help since these cameras are considered obsolete.

Peter Gomena

27-Jan-2017, 17:42

There is a thread with information on a person to contact for Cambo parts.


Hopefully this link will work. I haven't referred to a thread in a message before. Otherwise search will get you there.

In the past I bought the same parts that you require through Calumet in Chicago, but that is no longer an option.

By the way, B&H carries Cambo replacement levels should yours break. They tend to.


Peter Gomena
27-Jan-2017, 18:31
Thanks, Scott!

27-Jan-2017, 18:36
Also on the bay there are alway cambo front and rear standards for sale. They are usually $25 to $45. You can buy them as parts donors. Once I bought a camera for parts and it was in better shape than the one I had. So I took the best from both and had a better Cambo than I started with!

Dan Fromm
27-Jan-2017, 18:37
Peter, I just tried the cambousa link that RBG's link mentions. Dead.

I recently bought a part for my 4x5 Cambo -- not the lever you want -- by sending in e-mail to info@cambo.com. I found that e-mail address starting from the contact link on https://www.cambo.com/en/. They responded fairly promptly, directed me to B&H, who had the part I needed in stock.

28-Jan-2017, 10:41
Message 6 by McCoy in the thread about weak springs gives contact info for Blake Griffin, Channel Manage for Cambo USA (I presume) - phone numbers and email.

I hadn't tried Dan's suggestion to use the contact link. Good to know about that too.

photonsoup mentioned buying standards off eBay. I've done that also with great results. But if you can get just the part you need for less money directly from Cambo, that seems a good way to go.