View Full Version : Reliable 7x17 Film Source

27-Jan-2017, 06:40
Anyone recommend a good source for ULF film? Placed an order with Midwest Photo Exchange for FP4 7x17 last May. Still waiting..... Have had many conversations with them regarding my order.

View Camera Store is not responding to my emails.
Is shooting 7x17 just a myth and film is not really available?


27-Jan-2017, 07:34
I'm surprised that MPE has been so slow for you.

Well, you could pull up the list of businesses who participated in last year's UFL ordering from Ilford and then contact each of them to see if they ordered any extra.

Worst case scenario...there's always 7x17 X-Ray film...

karl french
27-Jan-2017, 08:20
Fotoimpex still has some 14x17 Adox CHS100 II in stock. It's a very nice film. When I first started with my 7x17 in 2015 I bought 3 10 sheet boxes of that and cut it all in half. Not my favorite thing to do, but I really wanted to get out and shoot. (Had to do it again with 8x20 last year. I seem to time my purchases of ULF cameras after the Ilford order window is closed.)

Steve Sherman
27-Jan-2017, 09:12
Film is usually available from VC store and if not the there is the Ilford. ULF film cut order that usually closes around the end of May with film delivery around Oct / Nov. I've purchased 7x17 film 3 or 4 different times from
Ilford... good luck it is a wonderful perspective !!

19-Feb-2017, 07:56
Just received my 7x17 FP4 order. That took a while....

karl french
19-Feb-2017, 08:43
That's great news! Enjoy.

hendrik faure
19-Feb-2017, 10:33
(slow, reliable if they have item in stock)
there are some large format specials