View Full Version : Mixing Ferric Ammonium Oxalate for Ziatypes

Wayne Crider
29-May-2005, 10:49
Does anyone here mix their own FAO from powder for Ziatypes? The only info I have found on the procedure is to mix 10 grams FAO with 25ml of water. I've read nothing about it going into solution easily.

Secondly, my brother sold his scale so I need a rec for a small inexpensive one.

Lukas Werth
29-May-2005, 11:20
My FAO came in a granulate. I got it from a chemical supplier; it goes into solution without any problems. If I remember correctly, when the FAO dissolves the fluiod becomes cold (entothermous reaction), so to be on the save site, let it rest for an hour before using it.

As for a scale, try ebay (?).