View Full Version : recessed lens board sizes

25-Jan-2017, 19:06
hi all- love all the information that is found here. new to large format, i've got a horseman 4x5 lxc and just got a schneider 90mm 4.5 s.a. and need to get a recessed lens boards for iy. i've found several on ebay, a 27mm and a 44mm.what's the difference in function?my guess is the 27mm will work fine, but thought i'd ask those that know.thanks everyone!! daryl kelley

Alan Gales
26-Jan-2017, 11:21
The deeper the board, the less you compress your bellows. This gives you more wiggle room.

The deeper the board the harder it is to get your fingers in it.

Cameras vary. On the 4x5 Tachihara I had you could use a 90mm on a flat board. If a 27mm recessed board will work for you then I would go with that.

26-Jan-2017, 14:15
thanks-going tp try that route

Mark Sampson
26-Jan-2017, 18:57
I believe that Horseman cameras are compatible with Sinar bellows, no? If so, a Sinar w/a bellows will eliminate the need for a fiddly recessed lens board. Although a 27mm recess should be workable even with the standard bellows.