View Full Version : Where can I buy 11x14 Ilford FP4?

25-Jan-2017, 13:52
Does anyone know where I can buy 11x14 FP4? Looking to buy a couple of boxes. B&H has a 14 box minimum and they are not in stock. Also, is there a certain time of the year that Ilford takes orders for this?

Oren Grad
25-Jan-2017, 17:00
Harman generally takes orders during the spring for delivery in late September or October. They haven't yet announced plans for this year.

B&H usually stocks 11x14 HP5 Plus, but I don't recall seeing any dealer that keeps 11x14 FP4 Plus as regular stock. But you can get the list of participating dealers in last year's special-size run from the Ilford Photo website and try contacting them to see if any ordered extra of this film and size for stock.

25-Jan-2017, 19:02
Thanks Oren

Michael Kadillak
26-Jan-2017, 08:25
Try the View Camera Store in Arizona. I believe Fred has some remaining from the last ULF special order.

Michael Kadillak
26-Jan-2017, 08:27
Yes, he has 11x14 FP4 listed on his website. Give him a call.

Michael Kadillak
26-Jan-2017, 18:23
I stand corrected. It appears that the listing of the sheet film in ULF sizes is related to the ULF special order. My apologies.

26-Jan-2017, 20:41
Thanks anyway. I emailed him same time I posted here. He didn't have any