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Pete Watkins
28-May-2005, 01:39
In a moment of total lunacy I became the owner of an MPP Micropress 5x4 (4x5) camera. I have my little Wista and I'm very happy with it and for the life of me I don't know why I bought this thing. The camera is usable with a shuttered lens and I don't see any problems here BUT the camera has a built in focal plane shutter that has a CLOCKWORK mechanisim. This would enable me to use some of my barrel lenses. The clockwork bit is running slow. Years ago I trained as a clockmaker / clock repairer so I feel fairly confident about carrying out any repairs but I really don't want to start undoing screws before I have some idea what I'm going to find. Is there anybody out there who has dismantled one of these mechanisims and can give me an idea what lies in wait? I'm hoping to locate a handbook somwhere but I doubt if this will give any advice on dismantling the thing. Thanks in advance.

Dave Glenn
28-May-2005, 03:31
Hi Pete,

Try here http://www.mppusers.freeuk.com/


Pete Watkins
28-May-2005, 05:35
Thanks Dave, I'm familiar with the site as I have an MPP enlarger. They don't seem to go into dismantling the cameras in a big way. It's the fact that it has this clockwork mechanisim and I don't want springs and wheels flying all over the room.

Juergen Sattler
28-May-2005, 06:04
I am not familiar with the MPP rear curtain mechanism, but it could be similar to the Speed Graphics' - check out the Graflex.org site, I am sure they have plenty of information on the curtain mechanism.

Donald Qualls
28-May-2005, 08:41
Very few cameras have "spring bombs" in them -- the classic question to ask about those is "how the devil did they assemble the thing?!" That said, there are many, many times when things have to be taken off in the correct order, or when you can remove an assembly instead of a bunch of individual parts, and avoid problems.

Another large focal plane shutter you might look at for reference, if you can find anything on them, is the accessory unit once sold for the Plaubel Makina. Between that and the Graflex focal plane shutter, they're likely to have something similar to anything you'll find in that MPP (in fact, you might research whether the MPP in fact used a Graflex shutter mechanism; it wouldn't surprise me in the least).

Pete Watkins
29-May-2005, 06:18
Thanks for your advice, I'm going to "have a go" at it in the next few days.

Paul H
29-May-2005, 08:53

Let me know how you get on.

I just got one too; unfortunately the seller was somewhat "economical" with his description - the bellows need patching / replacing and the focal plane shutter curtain needs replacing. Other than that it is fine......

I have had the back off to check the somewhat worse for wear rear shutter. I have been chatting with a press camera guy in Holland, and it seems the whole mechanism is very similar to the Speed Graphic. I haven't taken the mechanism itself out. I wonder if it may not start working better with a bit of excercise.

If you find any other info on these cameras, I'd be interested in knowing too. There doesn't seem to be too much info out there on the Micro Press - most is about the Micro Technical camera.


Pete Watkins
30-May-2005, 00:30
Hi Paul, I'll do my best to keep you informed. Advice that I read after buying the camera was to check that the curtain on the focal plane shutter was in good condition, I assume that this means that a repair / renewal won't be an easy job. I don't know where in the world you are based but I pain 100 UKP for the MPP I own and I don't know if I've been ripped off or not. Best wishes.

Paul H
30-May-2005, 08:19

I'm across the ditch in the flatlands. I think from research that you got it for a reasonable price. It doesn't look too horendous to replace the shutter curtain, I think the biggest problem will be finding a replacement. I see Micro Tools does the material, but I assume that I need to cut the slits. Still, at least the rear shutter is open, so I can just use the front one.