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24-Jan-2017, 12:56
I need recommendations for developers to use with Delta 100 and TMax 100 (both 4x5). What I'm looking for is a developer that offers good contrast without sacrificing the mid tones.

Thank you.

Michael R
24-Jan-2017, 15:25
Contrast will be a function of time/temperature/agitation rather than the choice of developer. Essentially all general purpose developers provide good mid tone contrast.

24-Jan-2017, 21:16
X-tol is really easy to use and gives great results.

24-Jan-2017, 21:46
I absolutely love Clayton F-76+ with Delta 100; haven't used TMax 100 very much.

24-Jan-2017, 21:55
Hasn't this been covered before somewhere in the thousands of threads in this forum?

Ted R
25-Jan-2017, 11:43
Follow the recommendations in the Ilford datasheet for the film.

25-Jan-2017, 12:15
Follow the recommendations in the Ilford datasheet for the film.

I have. DDX is what i use now, but I wanted to know if there was something else that offered more contrast.

As far as TMax is concerned, I've never used this film and wanted recommendations that suited my needs.


25-Jan-2017, 12:42
ansco 130 or dektol
ansco@ 72F 1:6 for about 6-7mins
dektol @68F 1:6 about the same time

caffenol C with 15cc of straight dektol or ansco 130 mixed in for about 8 or 9 mins
that ansco /dektol ; 1:8 about 4mins, then that caffneol c with dektol/ansco mixed in for the same amount of time or 5 mins


don't take anyone's word for anything
your methods are different than everyone elses
( exposure, meter reading, agitation, processing methods, printing/scanning &c )
so you should waste a few handfuls of film before you realize what's what

good luck !

25-Jan-2017, 12:49
I develop tmax in d-76 1:1 - seems okay