View Full Version : Zone VI Brilliant Paper

22-Jan-2017, 17:41
So, I just got a few boxes of Zone VI Brilliant Paper (MG, Graded).

They're all sealed.

I cracked one just to get the "sheet" out of it to read.

I decided I'm gonna just plow through it and use it and I'm sure it will be fogged to some extend. But, I had to think about it for a few minutes. I paused just out of reverence as there are probably not many NOS boxes left in the world. I wanted to just be "in the moment" for awhile to appreciate it.

Who knows, with some benzotriazole, it may even be usable for...whatever. Not too many pure bromide papers left so, maybe it'll look good especially after some toning. Anywho...

Also got some Kodak Tech Pan 4x5 film. :)

Fred L
22-Jan-2017, 18:39
I wish someone would try and replicate this paper, esp the graded version. Was my favorite so enjoy using for a well deserved negative. Just grabbed some 8x10 Azo at a camera show but who knows how it is, seals were broken but price was right ;)

22-Jan-2017, 18:41
Fred, how hold was the Azo? I remember a few years ago I got my hands on bunch of Azo form the 40's!!

22-Jan-2017, 19:24
My frozen VI Brilliant was fogged, my Brilliant-II is fine w a little benzotriazole. All sealed boxes. L

Bruce Barlow
23-Jan-2017, 04:39
Years ago I had a bunch of "orphan" sheets of various papers. I went to work proofing some negatives. Most of the papers were a little fogged, but way good enough for proofs.

Then, all of a sudden, magic! No fog, deep blacks, sparkling highlights. Gorgeous. It was the 10-year-old, unfrozen Brilliant Grade 2.

That was then, this is now. I'm sure what you've got is completely, unusably fogged. Better send it to me...