View Full Version : Opinions on Kodak "Metallic" color paper?

27-May-2005, 09:03
Yesterday I saw for the first time a print on this paper, the exact name of which I do not know. Apparently it has been around for a couple of years. It is very bright and oversaturated and punchy; kind of like the Agfa Ultra of papers.

I am curious if anyone uses this paper, and if so, for what reasons in particular.


Mark Sampson
27-May-2005, 09:10
It's called Endura Metallic. I think it looks good for shiny subjects, such as industrial illustration photos or cars. Although I hear that when when introduced (about 3 years back) it was very popular in Japan for portraits of fashionable teenagers.... The high values are silver, not white, which makes printing on it slightly more thought-provoking than usual. I wouldn't want to use it for everything.

David A. Goldfarb
27-May-2005, 09:30
I agree completely with Mark. Nice for some things, but some people overuse it.

Someone will come along and compare it to Cibachrome. It's nothing like Cibachrome. It's its own thing.

Ryan McIntosh
27-May-2005, 18:27
The downside...it is only available as RC paper. It is almost more expensive then the most expensive fiber paper.

I saw someone printing landscapes on the paper...and it did not look good at all.

Graeme Hird
27-May-2005, 19:40
I'm one of those who use it for all my colour landscape photographs. I print to it via lightjet.

Why do I use it?

- It has an impact which my customers love. I've sold about 750 prints done on it in 18 months.

- It sets my prints apart from what they could print for themselves, making my work "special" in their eyes.

- I love the saturation: it makes landscape photos glow.

- It has been rated by Kodak to last in excess of 100 years in normal household conditions.


Ryan McIntosh
28-May-2005, 09:41
You are making digital inkjet prints...printed on a silver gelatin RC paper?

hmmmm, I never heard of that one before. You could really confuse some people by making digital prints...on silver papers.

Very interesting! Thanks!

David A. Goldfarb
28-May-2005, 09:51
Graeme is making LightJet prints on this paper (which uses a laser to expose conventional wet-process papers from a digital file), not inkjet prints. I've even seen one in the f32.net "Travelling Exhibition"!

Marco Buonocore
28-May-2005, 23:49

As other's have stated, Endura Metallic can look lovely on some subjects and awful on others. I've found it's best with cool tones and the sort of blues you get from Provia shot at dawn. For B&W prints, concrete looks nice but skin tones don't sit well with me at all.

For what it's worth, I print it on an Agfa Dlab, and while I certainly agree that it is often over the top, viewers seem to really respond to it. Certainly fun to play around with.

Good luck,

Graeme Hird
29-May-2005, 04:15
"You could really confuse some people ...."

Only a select few, Photographer. :)

Diane Maher
30-May-2005, 11:45
I saw Graeme's pic in the f32 travelling exhibition too. It was cool looking. I had never seen anything like it.

30-May-2005, 23:47

750 sold prints in 18 months - WOW, im really impressed!!
I think a lot of people here would like to hear how you manage doing this.
I remember to have heard or read somewhere you have your own gallery? ...