View Full Version : Arca swiss reflex viewer

Terry Hull
27-May-2005, 08:33
I am interested in anyone's experience using the arca swiss relex viewer, particlarly comparsons with dark cloth focusing.

Jan Nieuwenhuysen
27-May-2005, 11:26
I purchased an A-S reflex viewer with my camera. I used it maybe ten times and then sold it. This had nothing to do with the quality of the reflex viewer. The quality of the thing is excellent, as you might expect from A-S. I found out I detest working with a reflex viewer.
My advice is to see if you can actually work with one before buying it. Especially in regard to what these things cost new.

Mark Windom
27-May-2005, 11:28
I use an A-S reflex viewer on a 69 FC. Being able to view a bright image on the GG magnified 4X is a big help in composition but I still use a loupe and dark cloth for critical focussing.

Dominique Cesari
27-May-2005, 13:38
I own an Arca-Swiss 4x5 reflex viewer, and use it only at home. The image is excellent, and I'm pleased to use it, but it's somewhat bulky, not easy to store in the bag, and I take it no more for landscape trips.
However, it's great for close work, and if I had to shoot some outdoors, I probably would bear the reflex viewer for convenience.
In any case, a magnifier is mandatory to focus accurately.

Emmanuel BIGLER
28-May-2005, 03:24
First, there was an older Arca Swiss 4x5 "mono" reflex viewer, discontinued for decades but one recently appeared on a well-known Internet auction site.

I can't speak for the 4x5 Arca Swiss bino reflex viewer, but I have a similar device for 6x9.

I would not take my 6x9 bino reflex viewer for a backpacking trip but in those circumstances where you are not very far from your car or if you load your equipment on a babies' cart, I find, at least for 6x6 where the GG is not big, that the bino reflex mirror is far superior to a dark cloth. At least when you can actually look into it, since the device is not practical when the camera position is located above your neck !! (yes, a step-ladder would help, but let's stay with a light view camera equipment ;-);-)

The superior feature of this viewer is its ability to adjust the reflex viewing mirror angle so that even with a shifted or titled wide-angle lens, you always find a position where the image is bright and comfortable. A dark cloth would not allow this.
I should add that I found my 6x9 A/S bino reflex viewer as a second hand item, so I made the plunge.

So a possible and reasonable answer, which matches above-mentioned opinions, could be : bulky in 4x5 and probably for studio use only, but in 6x9 it brings a lot of comfort and I use it every time I do not have to backpack for more than 1/2 hour walk.

When I go backpacking, besides a regular and light 4x loupe I have an RMfx Hasselblad 6x6 "mono" reflex viewer; being addicted to Rollei TLR cameras, I'm afraid I'm still not used to compose an image upside/down ;-);-)

Herb Cunningham
28-May-2005, 18:08
I have two arcas, a 4x5 and and 8x10. I think my experience with reflex viewers is that they are a lot of trouble, bulky and

if you get the right magnifying glasses, diopter 3.0 works for me, cost $2. you can get under the cloth and work quickly- I got rid of a viewer - I really don't think you can do justice to the corners with one. IMHO

30-May-2005, 01:05
i like it with my 69, but the 171x171 for 4x5 is very bulky !

Claude Eichel
30-May-2005, 02:51
It bought a second hand Arca 6x9, a bino reflex viewer was in the set. Really I like this device, you experience more confort than under a dark cloth : you are IN the image !