View Full Version : Schneider Super Angulon 210mm Lens

Peter Roberts
26-May-2005, 19:42
Is it possible to use a Schneider Super Angulon 210mm to cover 12x20" format?

According to Schneider info, the image circle is abot 500mm.

26-May-2005, 20:53
The Schneider 210mm Super Angulon will *not* cover 12X20.

However, the Schneider 210mm SSXL will cover 12X20 with a small amount of movement.

Ryan McIntosh
26-May-2005, 21:55
That is going to be so wide angle...you will see your toes in all your photographs!!!

Just playing. Very fine lens! Very costly also!

27-May-2005, 11:19
I don't own a Schneider 210mm SSXL but have used one several times with 12X20. It is a superb lens, almost distortion free even at the extreme edges of the filed. However, I would strongly recommend the use of a center filter with this lens when used with this format. If not the difference in density in the center and at the edges is quite significant.