View Full Version : Ektar 127. How do I open the lens?

17-Jan-2017, 16:53
I know this must be easy, but I can't figure out how to open the lens for focusing.

Photo of lens and shutter:


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17-Jan-2017, 17:08
Cock the shutter. Press in the round button just over and behind the red "1" shtter speed in your photo and fire shutter while holding that button in. Then release the button and shutter stays open. To close it, recock.

Mark Sampson
17-Jan-2017, 19:50
Odd that a lens made in 1958 would only have bulb flash synch (no X setting) but there you are. Should be a very sharp lens- enjoy!

Dan Fromm
18-Jan-2017, 05:50
Mark, the lever just clockwise from the blade arrestor button cocks the flash sync. Firing the shutter without cocking the sync gets "X."

Mark Sampson
18-Jan-2017, 16:16
I should have known that, having owned and used several examples of this lens. Must be that I never used them with flash.