View Full Version : Best landscape lens for a Wista 10 x 8

17-Jan-2017, 11:12
I'm now contemplating getting a 10 x 8 instead of the 5 x 4 and want to know what lens to get for landscape. The camera comes with a 300mm f5.6 c 3

Erik Larsen
17-Jan-2017, 11:19
Use that lens and if you feel you need something longer or shorter than buy another lens.

17-Jan-2017, 11:39
There is no best landscape lens it really depends on how,what and where you shoot. Many here like longer lenses I happen to like shorter so use a 12" Dagor. a 240mm Mikkor and a 165mm SA for 10x8. I have two Wollensak 159mm EWA lenses and may use one instead of the 165mm SA which is a huge beast because they are relatively small and light.