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15-Jan-2017, 03:34
Hi all,

I've not used my 5x4 with strobes for a while and I can't remember the maximum sync speed I can use my lens with.
The lens is a Linhof Schneider Technika Xenar 4.5/150 .
I seem to remember 1/100, but it's a very vague and foggy memory. Can anyone confirm or correct?


Louis Pacilla
15-Jan-2017, 03:48
Any and all speeds including the highest speed on a leaf shutter if it's X synced

15-Jan-2017, 03:53
But also, look through the lens while it is firing to make sure it is syncing correctly...

If you were blinded by the strobelight while looking through the lens, you are good to go...

Steve K

Bob Salomon
15-Jan-2017, 03:53
For electronic flash, with a leaf shutter, any speed. Just be sure that the shutter is set to X synch, if it has a switch.
Otherwise learn how to test your shutter for synch speed.

15-Jan-2017, 04:01
Thank you all!

Neal Chaves
15-Jan-2017, 09:28
Modern leaf shutters can be set to speeds fast enough to cut off part of the flash when used with high power studio strobes. Consult the strobe manufacturer's data for the flash duration at different power levels. Cutting off the tail end of the flash burst, which tends towards the red, can result in an overly blue color rendition.

15-Jan-2017, 10:09
Another one by which i was surprised, most cheap wireless triggers cant actually sync faster than 1/250th.

16-Jan-2017, 02:17
Thanks Neal and locutus, I wasn't aware that wireless triggers behave differently to a sync cable. I'll take it into account and look out for any colour issues. Much appreciated!