View Full Version : replacement bellows for Tech IV

Eric Rose
25-May-2005, 18:40
where can I get one that won't force me to sell my car first.



Juergen Sattler
25-May-2005, 19:05
Camera Bellows in the UK makes a great replacement bellows for the Technika. It'll cost you about $140. They typically have them in stock and you can have it quickly. Just do a Google search on camera bellows and they will come up.

Michael Kadillak
25-May-2005, 19:44
I second that recommendation. Camera Bellows makes them for Linhof and they know what they are doing. Top notch all the way around. I believe that the price is closer to $200 US and they will need your bellows standards. But still not bad.


Juergen Sattler
25-May-2005, 19:47
They don't need anything - they actually have these things in stock - they are standard bellows. The last time (about 3 months ago ) I bought a Technika bellows from them I paid 75 pounds - which would be about $140.

Michael Kadillak
25-May-2005, 20:00
Fabulous. I am pleased to be corrected and will keep that in mind. Might just get a replacement for mine.


Michael Jones
26-May-2005, 06:59
I agree with Michael & Juergen. Great product and service. A US alternative I've also used is Western Bellows. I doubt Jim stocks your bellows, but his work has been top notch for me.