View Full Version : Where to Purchase Drum Dryer Apron (belt)

10-Jan-2017, 06:18
I have an old Japo drum dryer that I use for fiber prints.

The belt is well worn and causing issues.

Does anyone know where I can find a replacement for this or any other dryer of this type?
Maybe I can find a Semmar, Arkay, Doran, or similar and have it modified?
I have not been able to find a material with similar stretch.


Liquid Artist
18-Jan-2017, 07:15
welcome to the forum,

I imagine that more people would be able to help you if we know what the belt looks like. So a photo, and dimensions would be nice.

18-Jan-2017, 07:24
Talk to Arkay, as (I think) they still make dryers + belts, and maybe they could copy one you send to them???

A sailmaker might be able to make one for you, or some other tradesperson...

Steve K