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Frank Petronio
25-May-2005, 07:14
Does anyone here have (or had) an 8x10 De Golden Busch? I have one and need some help figuring out how things work, especially the rear track and tilt. Doug Busch's website (superlarge.com) doesn't really have much information, although I have an email to him, I suspect the production was so low that he never made formal instructions.

It seems like a very sturdy camera (heavy though!) and very well made, almost like marine hardware. Interesting if you ever dream of building your own...

Mark Sampson
25-May-2005, 08:44
I saw a de Golden Busch 8x10 once, when he brought it to a photo tradeshow at the Visual Studies Workshop. That was around 1981 and I wasn't really involved with large format. I remember being amazed at the idea of ULF, which was mostly forgotten then. (But not long thereafter I bought an Ansco 8x10...)
There was an interview/portfolio with Doug Busch in "View Camera", it must be over ten years ago, where he discussed his cameras and lenses- from that I believe that very few of either were made.

Michael Jones
25-May-2005, 08:46
Try calling Camera West and see if they can put you in touch with Aaron Busch. Good luck.


Frank Petronio
25-May-2005, 12:40
For future reference:


Some pictures of the beast... there is also a more detailed thread on APUG

Donald Hutton
25-May-2005, 13:35

That's basically putting up a link to an auction or a "For Sale" thread. Check the guidelines before posting, or if you refuse to read, don't type.

Frank Petronio
25-May-2005, 14:24
Kiss me Don!

Donald Hutton
25-May-2005, 14:32

What I do find amusing is that your thread about the camera you are selling on APUG indicates that you are only willing to deal with someone who is as morally permeable as you are (referring to your ordeal on Ebay when you tried to screw someone who bought a camera from you)...

Frank Petronio
25-May-2005, 15:03
No that's not it Don. I'm only willing to deal with someone who's not a big dumbass like you are.

Donald Hutton
25-May-2005, 15:11
Yeah Frank.... Anyone waved you the $600 (including a literate "Dumbass" like me) and it'd be SOLD!

Frank Petronio
25-May-2005, 15:39
You're right. I'm sorry I called you a dumbass. Can we stop now, and on the other forum as well? You can even have the last shot...

domenico Foschi
26-May-2005, 02:36
do you need infos about the camera or you just want to sell it?

Frank Petronio
26-May-2005, 06:22
I genuinely want information about the camera and I also wanted to post the thread as a reference for people interested in De Golden Busch cameras. If you read my post, I make no mention of trying to sell it, although I did place an ad for it on APUG. It is an interesting camera and as I explore it, I am tempted to keep it, so I am "on the fence." I would like to hear from other owners about their camera experiences and understand it better. Sorry that Don has a problem with that.

Donald Hutton
26-May-2005, 08:26

I had an issue with a link which you implied was to information about the camera - the title of the page it links to says: "De Golden Busch 8X10 for Sale". It contains some photos of the camera for sale and absolutely no information about it. If that's not a disguised "for sale" posting, then you're an honest bloke.... Hence my post. I really don't need to have an argument about it. You always seem to do what you want to, regardless of rules or guidelines anyway.