View Full Version : How Much for 90 MM Super Angulon F8

Terry Neumann
20-Sep-1999, 13:14
I posted earlier about just getting a Calumet 4x5 arc body(the one with the rece ssed front and short bellows) I am looking for a 90 MM Super Angulon F8 or equiv alent. Had one years ago. What would be a fair price for a newer multi coated o ne used today in excellent condition?

james norman
20-Sep-1999, 20:40
there are both single- and multi-coated versions of this lens out there, so know what you are buying before you make an offer. a really good condition SA90/8 MC can be had for around $400-500. the single-coated version is usually closer to $325-$400. there are a couple of them available on eBay auction right now (9/20/99). they are both excellent. remember, your main concern in purchasing any older lens is not usually the glass, it's the shutter. btw, you can check the serial number of any schneider lens on their website and find out when the lens was made.