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angelo consentino
4-Jan-2017, 16:33
Hello friends!

I have some old broncolor pulso generators to restart after a long storage.
Therefore I have to re-form electrolitic capacitors.
Some friends have given me some useful advices, they told me to make several short cycles.
A Broncolor technician told me to start in "slow charge" and at "the lowest power".

I didn't use Pulso for many years and frankly I don't remember some things about them.
I have found their manual but I can't reply to some questions…

Questions for Pulso users:

How can I set "slow charge" and "the lowest output-power" before starting the charge of the capacitors?

I guess the best procedure is:
- Connect the unit to the mains. Do not turn it on as yet!!!
- press "slow" pad
- press " - (minus)" pad to set the lowest power (display shows 6)
- press "on/off" pad to start the charge of the capacitors

Obviously this procedure assumes that "slow" pad and " - (minus)" pad will work AFTER INSERTING THE PLUG AND BEFORE SWITCHING ON THE UNIT WITH "ON/OFF"PAD.
(therefore "ON/OFF"PAD would be really a"start for charging capacitors" pad.
Can you tell me if my guess is OK?
(otherwise I am forced to make the first cycle without "slow charge").

Please, remember me the what happen (in sequence) when
a) Pulso is connected the plug to the mains.
b) Pulso is turned on with "ON/OFF"PAD?

thank you in advance.
have a happy new year!