View Full Version : The little screw on shutter.

4-Jan-2017, 10:40
I've just got myself a new Schneider Kreuznach Apo Symmar with Copal 0 shutter.

On the back side af the shutter there is this little screw that obstruct the lens from being level with the lens board.

Do I need a spacer ring or can I just remove the screw?



4-Jan-2017, 10:49
In the old days, that little screw would be sunk into a hole to keep the lens from rotating on the lens board, however it is something that is rarely used these days. You can remove that set screw and just tighten the lens to the lens board via the retaining flange.

4-Jan-2017, 10:56
Thank you djdister :) That was what I thought.

4-Jan-2017, 17:09
Some lens boards have a notch cut into the hole to accommodate that screw. It helps in orienting the lens properly. If you can cut the notch yourself, do it. Otherwise remove the screw and store it safely.


4-Jan-2017, 18:06
I always use the anti-rotation screw as intended.

It prevents the lens from coming loose. The shutter is subjected to torque every time you cock it.

If the lensboard doesn't already have a notch in the correct location, I mill one.

- Leigh