View Full Version : Is non-cold-stored expired Ektar 100 from 2014 OK to use?

4-Jan-2017, 04:00

Last night a friend gave me 5 boxes of 4x5 Kodak Ektar 100 that expired in late 2014. He did not cold store the film. My plan is to shoot two sheets to test it. Any general opinions on shooting expired Ektar?

Many thanks!


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4-Jan-2017, 07:35
should be fine, no problems.

4-Jan-2017, 10:50
Shoot one sheet at the rated speed and one at half the rated speed as a test - should tell you what you need to know.

4-Jan-2017, 22:38
I don't think you will have any problems. I've shot much older stuff which came out just fine.


7-Jan-2017, 12:12
The rule is generally 1/3 stop for every 10 years. I've shot a lot of expired color film and as far back as 2003 I don't need to do anything. Any slight color shift you could correct for in the scan/print process.

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7-Jan-2017, 23:15
Should be fine

Ivan J. Eberle
8-Jan-2017, 15:54
Ektar doesn't have a lot of latitude, does not do well with underexposure, although a stop of overexposure is fine. It's not old enough that I'd be worrying about compensating for any ISO speed gains.

Bob Salomon
8-Jan-2017, 16:05
As asked you really can't get a correct answer. Was it stored at normal room temps with a comfortable humidity level or was it stored in the trunk of a car during the summer months? Best is just to do a couple of test shots with a Macbeth Color Checker or an accurate gray card in the shot.