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Rick Knepp
23-May-2005, 12:22

I'm giving Acros QL a try, having become disenchanted with the reformulated TMax 100. Fuji provides little or no information about development. My first experiment with D76 1:1 in a Jobo for the recommended time for 120 film (10.5 minutes less a minute for continuous agitation) and rated at 80 resulted in blown highlights to the tune of at least 1.3 stops. I was impressed with the grain and accutance, though.

My next stab would be at an EI of 64 and 7 minutes. I haven't found any difinative threads of recent origin. Is there anyone who has some experience, or alternative recommendations for a developer?

Joseph Dickerson
23-May-2005, 13:02

I think it would be helpful if you changed your approach just a bit. I highly recomend adjusting only one variable at a time, not two as you suggest you're about to do.

The first thing you should do is determine your correct Exposure Index (EI) then experiment with developer(s)/time until your highlights are where you want them to be.

If this sounds familiar, it's the classic zone system methodology. It's tried and true, it really works and although it seems tedious (ask any of my Zone System students) it gives you reliable results with the least possible mucking about in dark places when you'd really rather be out shooting.

Joe D.

Eric Biggerstaff
23-May-2005, 13:24

Joe is right, a little bit of testing will save you a lot of heart ache for sure.

I use Fuji Neopan 100 Arcos a lot. It is a great film with the only draw backs that it is not available everywhere and it is a bit more expensive.

The Fuji data sheets are a little shy on information I agree.

Based on my testing and using my meter (which may read different than yours) I rate Neopan 100 Arcos at 64 and then develop in a Jobo drum using Xtol stock for 6 1/2 minutes for a "Normal" zone.

This only a base from which to work. To nail this down you really do need to do a little testing, it would only require a few sheets of film and the little bit of money will be well worth it.

Hope this helps and have fun!


Paul Butzi
23-May-2005, 13:40
Time for Acros in Tmax RS 1+9 in a jobo 3010 drum at www.butzi.net/articles/tmxacros.htm (http://www.butzi.net/articles/tmxacros.htm)

I'd be interested to hear what it was about the new formulation of TMX that you didn't like.

Rick Knepp
23-May-2005, 14:03
In TMax RS 1:9, I went from grain-free 16x20s to visible grain in an 8x10. A change to Sexton's D76 1:1 recommendations helped some, but not enough to regain my confidence.

Dan Jolicoeur
23-May-2005, 14:28
Rick I just went through testing acros and D76 in a jobo 2800 series drum. I could not come up with a decent step wedge with D76 in any combo. I am planning on trying some xtol rated at 80, but may start at 64 after reading Erics post
Good luck,

Ted Harris
23-May-2005, 15:16
Hmmmmmm ..... if you are not wedded to D76 I get excellent results with Rodinal in a 1:50 dillution. If you are interested email me and I will give you the full exact Jobo ATL settings. If memory serves ... for the film rated at ISO 80 ..... it is 12 miunutes with 25 rotations pm .. I know I have fiddled with the tmeperature setting over time and believe it is now around 21-22 C but can check if youa re interested.

Rick Knepp
23-May-2005, 16:08
Thanks to all for your input!

Gene Crumpler
23-May-2005, 20:23
Sexton is currently using Tmax RS developer-replensher at 1:9.