View Full Version : Help to identify lens board?

31-Dec-2016, 09:43
I've attached 3 images of a lens board - I think that's what it is - that does not fit my Linhofs, but has a similar slit in the lower edge. The sizes are given however for avoidance of doubt, the external measurements are 74 x 81.5mm, the raised area is 74mm square and the central hole is 60mm.

Any help in identifying it will be gratefully received.


thomas ciulei
1-Jan-2017, 02:11
looks like a linhof technika III 6x9 camera lens board, Bob Salomon can clear that for you, pm him

1-Jan-2017, 05:01
Looks like some drop-in adapter board... I have something like it to use old style Linhof Technika III boards with 4" X 4" old Graflex cameras... This looks like it takes the later III boards, but see if the outer dimensions match other popular cameras... The circular groove inside looks like the old style Technika FS mounting, so maybe old to later Technika or Kardan adapter???

Steve K

4-Jan-2017, 09:11
Thanks for replies.
I did say it didn't fit my Linhofs - I have a Technika IV 6x9 and a Technika 70. I had already tried and it would not fit either of them. In an idle moment I tried again with the 70 - same answer. Then I tried it on the IV - it does fit the IV.
No idea how that happened!
Appears it could be used as a straight lens board with a 60mm hole.
Happy New Year.