View Full Version : Is Berger Prestige a good Bromoil Paper?

31-Dec-2016, 09:39
Got a pack of 20x24 Berger Prestige Matt and hoping i can use it for Bromoil. Anyone have any experience using this paper for Bromoil? How did it do? I would rather not waste a sheet testing if i can help it. Anyone know if this is a super coated paper? ( When I google this subject all is see are articles on Schnauzer's various coats.)

31-Dec-2016, 12:09
I can't seem to edit this post, I've mis-spelled Bergger. Which effected my search results but only slightly, I see they made a specific Bromoil paper but find no info re this specific paper's suitability for Bromoil, "Bergger Prestige Variable CM Mat" Nor info about whether it is super coated.