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30-Dec-2016, 02:30
Ive been looking for dimensions of the rear thread on a Heliar 360, found nothing in the web. Anyone how can help me with this issue, diameter and type of thread? Is there a market for new made flanges? As you can experience from Ebay a lots of Heliars are sold without flanges.

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Pere Casals
30-Dec-2016, 07:39
I don't know... anyway you can use a (cheap) thread pitch gauge https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thread_pitch_gauge

karl french
30-Dec-2016, 09:54
I think most 360mm Heliars take a 103mm flange. But the thread pitch varies between the various generations & nationalities of lenses. I have an older (1906) 14" Heliar with a fine pitch flange and a newer (1930's) 36cm Heliar with a much coarser pitch to the flange threads.

30-Dec-2016, 18:24
Yes I believe this is 1,5 mm thread, metric

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