View Full Version : Repro versus normal lenses

John Laragh
25-Nov-1999, 04:38
Some LF people I know use reproduction (flat field lenses) instead of normal len ses. they say it eliminates problem of lens curvature causing out of focus at co rners. Any experience out there? Can repro lenses be mounted in shutters or do y ou just use long exposures?

Paul Schilliger
25-Nov-1999, 07:18
John, Some lenses on shutter are of the kind you describe (Schneider G-Claron, Rodenst ock Apo-Ronar) and they perform well in general photography. You can sometimes find them on Normal Mount for a low price, as they are used in graphic art as repro lenses, and then have them mount ed on shutters, but not all repro lenses have standard shutter threads. Steve Grimes www.skgrimes.com wi ll tell you more. It is a good alternative to buying very expensive long focals for LF photography. You just have to remember that these repro lenses have to be used at small apertures to deliver s harp distants (f22). Out of focus corners: Yes, this will be avoided by using these lenses for repro ore close-up photography. For normal photography, any good lens correctly stopped should prod uce sharp corners.