View Full Version : Harrison Jumbo film changing Tent (11x14)

michael Allen
22-May-2005, 16:43
I'm in need of a changing tent and would like to here from anyone who has used Harrisons jumbo model for ULF. My main concern is will it actualy be large enough? How many 11x14 holders can I expect to use in one changing session?
Any other recomendations are welcome as well.

Carl Weese
22-May-2005, 17:27
I don't shoot 11x14, but the Harrison Jumbo is has plenty of room for handling 7x17 holders in the main section, without needing the side pockets. For 12x20 the side pockets prove useful, and the headroom within the tent is a little tight for flipping the holders, but I routinely do three at a time. I think you'll be perfectly comfortable with that many 11x14 holders, or more.---Carl

wm mitchell
22-May-2005, 19:19
I shoot 11x14, and use the Harrison Jumbo Tent.

With a film box & holders inside, inserting or removing film in one or two film holders is not a problem, but starts to get a bit tight, space-wise. Way too tight if you should try to fill more than 4 holders.

Hope this info helps.

Richard Rankin
22-May-2005, 20:54
I only have two 11x14 holders but there's heaps of room. Before I got a Jumbo for my 11x14, I had been changing 8x10 in a Harrison Pup Tent for 4x5, so maybe I appreciate the space a little more than others or arrange my space differently. But I could easily do more than 4 holders in there. Cheers, Richard

23-May-2005, 08:59
I am a little confused about size. Is the Jumbo tent the largest one? And are the arm extensions standard with the Jumbo tent or something that must be added on?

Basically, if I want to change both 7X17 and 12X20 holders in the tent, what must I have?

Linas Kudzma
23-May-2005, 10:50

The Jumbo is the largest, but the extension pockets are not standard. You need to specify you want them (at extra cost). I use mine with the extension pockets for 8x20. Very useful, I wouldn't buy one without them.

Funny story. While I was at the Harrison expo booth at this weekend's LF conference in Springfield, MA, a fellow told how he keeps his pet python happy inside his Jumbo Tent while he cleans the snake's tank. Talk about multiple uses!

michael Allen
23-May-2005, 20:09
Thanks all, once again.

Bruce E. Rathbun
25-May-2005, 15:29
Are the tents rather dust free? I shoot 8x20 & 11x14. When on the road I often use a Motel bathroom. Most of the bathrooms are dirty resulting in longer times to load the film. I use a system that at home leaves no dust on the negative. On the road there is maybe 1 negative out of 20 that has some small dust. Not bad bu the time to load the film is much longer on the raod. Can I expect a dust free environment with the tent?


Tom Johnston
3-Jun-2005, 12:38
Some people complain that changing tents are very dust prone. I have not had a problem with dust when using a changing tents at all. The trick is to not put anything dusty in the bag. My procedure is to dust off the filmholder exteriors before putting them in the bag. Check your film boxes too although they shouldn't be a problem. That is a good idea anyway. I always dust off the outside of the slides before removing them when loading or unloading because dust on the outside surface will become trapped in the light seal if you don't. In addition, I periodically open the tent up and shake it with the opening pointing downward. Every once in a while, I take some tape (masking tape is fine) and wrap it around my fingers with the sticky side out. I then wipe this against the inside surfaces of the bag. Any dust in the bag will stick to the tape. Also, remember to zip up your bag when done and before packing it up. Most importantly, keep your film holders in individual zip-lock bags at all times when not shooting. There are zip-lock bags available for any size holder. A good source is eBay. I have even seen seller who will custom make any size zip-lock that you want if you order enough of them.

I shoot in every type of environment imagineable and I almost never find any signs of dust on my film at all. It all boils down to common sense and sticking to procedures that work. Keep anything that will go into that bag sealed and protected from dust.