View Full Version : Colorado Springs area in July

John Kasaian
27-Dec-2016, 17:31
I've a conference to attend and might as well drive if I can find a Deardorff Chariot by then.

I've spent a little time South in Durango and Ouray, and quite a bit of time North in the Yampa/Walden area but I know nothing about Colorado Springs.
Any suggestions?

Jim Michael
27-Dec-2016, 17:56
Garden of the Gods is interesting.

27-Dec-2016, 18:51
You can spend a whole day at G of the G, starting at dawn as it hits the red rock. The aspens are probably bare of their leaves, but you can always shoot the trunks by heading up the drive to Pikes Peak. You don't have to go all the way to the top; lots of aspens up to and around the reservoir. Small entrance fee if that's as far as you want to go.

27-Dec-2016, 22:38
Sorry. I meant to say that the aspens won't be colorful yet in July. But they are still good subjects.

Eric Biggerstaff
28-Dec-2016, 08:25
What is your time limits? You can head up to the top of Pikes Peak, go over to Victor for the old mining town look, drive up to Eleven Mile Canyon to check out the river and canyon, drive into South Park, do the Garden of the Gods, cruise around downtown and photograph architecture, etc. There are plenty of things depending on what you are into photographing at the time.

David Lobato
28-Dec-2016, 11:22
Mueller State Park south of Divide, west of Colorado Springs.

Michael Kadillak
29-Dec-2016, 21:13
You have neither the time or the patience to play around with the what if I went here or there IMHO as I suspect you have a variable portion of a day at best using a conference as a base event. Best thing IMHO is to let a local take you to where you want after a short conversation to optimize the time available in a condensed cut to the chase version. I will offer my direct experiences with the lay of the land relative to this post to take you to where you do not yet know you need to to go. But we can figure it out in a couple of minutes I guarantee.


John Kasaian
29-Dec-2016, 23:11
The conference is over a weekend. I'm trying to wrangle at least a week, maybe two as I'd like to see what the Black Canyon and Mogollon Rim area has.
Of course, what the reality will be "all depends."
My last conference was in San Antonio, I flew, didn't have a car and spent all my time at the conference. I do wish I had taken a few extra days, my camera and a car to shoot the missions.

Peter York
30-Dec-2016, 09:56
Its hard to beat the high mountains in July. If you are in to car camping, backpacking, or 5-10 mi. day hikes I'd recommend the E side of the Sangre de Cristo. Its about a 1.5-2 hr. drive, and if staying in hotels you can make Westcliffe your base.

30-Dec-2016, 15:49
mid July should be great for flowers in the alpine and sub-alpine zones
If you can make it down to Ouray, you'll find lots of opportunities
Lots of other places within reach - Great Sand Dunes, Victor and Cripple Creek(although the latter has been changed by all the Casinos in the main part of town), Cottonwood Pass, Mt Evans (a nice drive up to the high country as is Pikes Peak), and Rocky Mountain National Park. You'll need more than a week...
By the way, Mogollon Rim is in Arizona. Did you really intend to go that far?

John Kasaian
30-Dec-2016, 23:07
By the way, Mogollon Rim is in Arizona. Did you really intend to go that far?