View Full Version : Film in Albuquerque

Mike Lopez
22-May-2005, 12:34
Can anybody out there (maybe Steve Simmons?) tell me of any professional stores in Albuquerque, which would likely have TMAX film in Readyloads? Thank you.

Will Strain
22-May-2005, 12:50
Maybe Kurts Camera Corral - there are a few locations.


Camera and Darkroom has typically carries regular sheet film, but I just called and they don't carry readyloads.


22-May-2005, 14:58
I have yet to find Readyloads in Albuquerque. If you find them post it here.

Mike Lopez
22-May-2005, 21:00
Thanks for the input. Maybe I'll look into shipping some film to myself, as I'll be traveling into Albuquerque.

Kirk Gittings
23-May-2005, 13:11
I prefer the Acros Quickloads. They are usually available from Carl's darkroom.

Brian Vuillemenot
23-May-2005, 18:21
Kurt's is limited to 35mm. Try Camera and Darkroom, on Central in Knob Hill.

Kirk Gittings
24-May-2005, 23:06
For those of you who are not aware of this. Carl's Darkroom is a Fuji and Kodak dealer who routinely stocks professional films of all types. Special orders are welcome and film is restoked regularly. Since they develope my color film, I am in there almost every day. Being able to buy my film there means that I only have to make one trip. They stock the Fuji Quickloads because I and others use allot of it, but they are perfectly willing to stock the Kodak too.

25-May-2005, 08:19
Thanks for the info Kirk. Next time I am in ABQ I'll have a look see at Carl's darkroom.