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22-May-2005, 08:22
hi everybody,
Is everyone knows , Tachihara 45 works with 58mm lens? Which recessed lensborad do I need?
And very important thing, is it necessary with the 58mm to use tilt and shift to avoid having camera-bed in the picture?
thank you

Ron Marshall
22-May-2005, 09:17
Hi Bruno,

I can't answer your question, but here is a link to another part of this site which will.


22-May-2005, 10:14
Hi Bruno,

The lens will be able to focus if you use a recess lens board but you will have corner clipping because the 58mm Grandagon is a 6x9cm format lens. I have enjoyed using mine on my Tachihara as a "fisheye" lens but wanted to let you know that the corners are not covered by the lens.

Hope this helps, Paul

Will Strain
22-May-2005, 11:12
I don't see where he specifies the 58 Grandagon?

If it's the Schneider SA XL - it will cover.

I would suggest angling the bed down.

22-May-2005, 11:49
yes it's the 58 XL superangulon, the important point of my question it's about bed position?
Do I need angle or not to avoid bed in the picture?


Mark Sawyer
22-May-2005, 11:58
I have a 58mm Grandagon Graflex made for the 6x9 Graflex XL camera. Wouldn't you just know both the most widely-known 58mm lenses would be "XL's"? Mine ***barely*** covers 4x5 at infinity, stopped all the way down, (it's marked to f/22, but actually goes off the scale to almost f/45.) If I don't get a touch of vignetting on the film but in the film-guide corner area on one end, it will vignette in the corners at the other end, so coverage really is as close as it can get. And different examples of the same lens may vary slightly in coverage. (Paul, is yours pretty close?)

On my old Calumet 4x5 Wood Field, (very similar to the Tachihara,) I can focus to infinity with the 58mm Grandagon mounted on a flat lens board. Mind you, the bellows are all the way in, so no movements of any kind are possible, (not that the coverage would allow it anyways.) Will is correct: I have to drop the front bed to get it out of the frame. Also, as the lensboard is off-center when I crank the bellows all the way in, I had to drill the lensboard off-center. Bruno, you may have to do the same with whatever 58mm you have; be aware of it at least.

I bought mine as an inexpensive impulse buy, and haven't really explored its potential. If I were to recommend an ultra-wide, I'd suggest a 65mm as more practical. (Actually, I think I've used the lens more on my 8x10 for the occassional round image, and still not that often.) Hope this helps...

derek regensburger
22-May-2005, 14:52
Dear Bruno,

I own this very set up. The answer is as follows: Use a 20mm recessed board. Linhof or Wista make good ones. I think the Shen Hao board might work as well. Becasue the back of the camera rolls forward, the bed will not show with a 58mm Schneider XL. The lens has enough coverage to cover 4x5. The movements are very limited. Just a little bit of rise is permitted becasue the bellows ae so constricted. It is enough movement for most landscpae stuff. If your purpose is architecture, you'll need an Ebony nonfolder.

22-May-2005, 18:02
I'm afraid I am the guilty one in assuming that the 58mm was the Grandagon model. . .

22-May-2005, 18:08
Mark, mine is very old and really I consider it a junker. I do have fun with it but I lose the corner all the way around. Mine has the infamous "element separation" not sure when the divorse occurred but it was there when I acquire a Graflex XL system around `81 or so. Perhaps someone will have a need for the front element which (of course) is in great shape.