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Michael R
22-Dec-2016, 15:06
Hi everyone,

I was thinking of giving Acros sheet film a try but then I read this on Freestyle's site:

Please note: Acros 4x5 includes a small hole in the corner of each sheet intended to make hang-drying easier. This small hole is within the image area and should be accounted for when composing.

???I find it hard to believe they'd put a hole far enough from the edge, and large enough, to actually get into the image area.

If anyone out there uses or has used 4x5 Acros, would someone mind posting a scan of an entire negative so I can see how big the hole is, which corner, and how far it protrudes into the image area?


22-Dec-2016, 15:10
It's true.
I don't have an example to show because a quick tap of the mouse gets rid of the hole with the spot healing tool in PS.
If you make wet prints, you may have to resort to more, ah, time-honoured methods, or simply crop.

22-Dec-2016, 15:17
I wonder if it's available with perforations and without?

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22-Dec-2016, 15:31
I have heard of this before but never shot it. Can somebody inform new users which sides need cropped when composing?

22-Dec-2016, 16:47
I don't shoot Acros in LF, this is the first I've heard of the holes. Doing a quick search on the net, I have seen posts discussing this issue dating back to 2005. It's about 1/8th of an inch and 1/4 inch into the image area from the corner.

Which corner depends on how you load the film.

The whole thing doesn't make sense to me. I've never wished for a hole there. Even if I did, it's easy enough to make one in the developed negative.

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22-Dec-2016, 17:11
Here's an image I found:


Martin Aislabie
24-Dec-2016, 15:10
There is a hole - but its tiny and right in the very corner of the negative.

It is perhaps 2~3 mm in from each edge of the sheet - so perhaps 1~1.5mm inside the exposed area - it depends upon your film holder

Unless you intend to shoot the WHOLE negative, its not a problem.

Personally, I have found it more of a hypothetical problem than a practical one.



24-Dec-2016, 15:37
Doesn't seem to bother me either but I would have to create a system using bent paper clips just to take advantage of it.

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Eric Biggerstaff
24-Dec-2016, 16:18
The hole has never been an issue for me and the film is outstanding.

Chester McCheeserton
29-Dec-2016, 01:18

It's not a problem if you are scanning and can retouch in PS. If you are darkroom printing and go to the trouble of composing and printing true full-frame it's an annoyance.
In my opinion it's worth it for shooting long exposures at night or if you are scanning and making huge enlargements. If I was making contacts or shooting a subject in daylight I'd stick with Tri-X.