View Full Version : Is Schneider Linhof 360mm F5.5 lens the same as the conventional....

Leszek Vogt
20-Dec-2016, 22:23
Just purchased the above and am wondering if the specs are same as the regular Schneider Tele Xenar 360mm ? Anyway, the lens has a black exterior. The way it was presented, he made a sound as if it will work with Linhof camera (as if only). I mean, I get it that the lens board fits a specific camera, but.....

Hope it covers 5x7....like the other 360mm Tele Xenars. Thanks in advance.


Tobias Key
21-Dec-2016, 03:34
I bought a 360mm Tele Xenar engraved 'Technika' on the lens barrel recently. I presume that what the seller means by a Linhof version? I used it on my Toyo-View two days ago with no apparent problems, but I haven't developed the film yet so can't be definitive.

Schneider's own data shows it covers 5x7


21-Dec-2016, 04:20
I have one of those as well and they work perfectly on my Shenhao and on the Toyo i had before that. The Linof designation means it passed an extra quality control by Linhof. Don't know how good the non-Linhofs are, but mine is very sharp with good contrast.

21-Dec-2016, 06:46
They are basically all the same (linhof marking or not).