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20-Dec-2016, 17:39
So I have a few prints that I would like to print at 16x20. But with the cost of the paper here I am Beijing I want to save where I can. For my test strips, could I use my 8x10 paper (as long as both are the same paper) how close are batches of ilford matched? I plan on using ilford rc multigrade pearl. It's what I have now(an old box from maybe 7 years ago) would a new box match up in terms of tones and paper speed? Would I be better off to get new boxes of both 8x10 and 16x20? Do I need to sacrifice a 16x20 sheet for test strips? Just recently got back into dark room printing and am having a blast.

20-Dec-2016, 17:54
I'd suggest getting the size you intend to use, and cut up one sheet for test strips. Leave the test strips in the bag with the big sheets.

You can cut a 8x10 into a half dozen 8" test strips or 4 4x5 test sheets. A 16x20 would do 4x as much. I think sacrificing a sheet for useful test strips is better than wasting many sheets when it doesn't come out right.

20-Dec-2016, 21:23
^ what he said +1

Cut up one or two sheets of the 16x20 paper to use for test strips.

If I recall the per square inch cost of paper is fairly equal between sizes (though smaller sizes tend to have more volume discounts).

20-Dec-2016, 22:00
If you only use a small test strip, it's important to cover all densities in the print.

Make sure the strip image includes both dark and bright areas, so you can evaluate the full range on the print.

Unless you have experience working with wet test strips, let the strips dry and view them in normal room light.

- Leigh