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Todd Wright
19-May-2005, 05:19
This past winter I stopped by Richard Ritter shop to have my camera checked and repaired. I called ahead and asked if I could drop it off and pick it up when it was done. When I got to his shop Richard was able to repair it while I waited. I looked at the his photos he had handing in this shop and found out they were from his last show and he would be putting up a new gallery on his web site this spring with the rest of the work from the show. I also looked around to see if he was doing anything interesting. He was on his drawing board was a rail system with front standard built out of stainless steel tubing. He explained it was for a camera that is going to have 72 inches of bellows. With a 20 x 20 back, 8 x 20 & 10 x 20 rotating backs and an 11 x 14 back. Lying next to the front rail system was a bunch of aluminum tubing. Never found out what they were for, look likethey went to something. I was just at his site to see if he put up the new gallery what I found is very interesting. Now I know what all those part were for. WOW!!

Here a link to his site www.lg4mat.net (http://wwwrrlg4mat.net)

Go to the workshop page and go to the bottom, click on the eyeball

Graeme Hird
19-May-2005, 05:51
or cut and paste this:


Ken Lee
19-May-2005, 17:18
Here (http://www.lg4mat.net/ulfcamera.html?x=17&y=14" target="_blank) is a link to the relevant page.