View Full Version : Focussing Hood for Tachihara

Mark Andes
17-May-2005, 14:07
Is there a focussing hood for a 4x5 Tachihara?

Brian Ellis
17-May-2005, 16:12
Tachihara doesn't make one, conceivably you could adapt a Graflex or Linhof folding focusing hood to a Tachihara if you were sufficiently handy. Personally I wouldn't worry about it, the hoods on the two Linhof Technikas I've owned were basically useless except as nice ground glass protectors.

21-May-2005, 09:12
Hello Mark,

I like using my Tachihara and recently made a discovery that I will share with you. The standard fresnel/cover glass combination that came on mine is certainly brighter than most that I have used. As a matter of fact I got to the point of using it without a focus cloth as well! Of course I had a faster f:5.6 lens on it.

A few weeks ago I had my 5x7 Charten field, the 4x5 Calumet/Tachihara and my Eastman 2D 8x10 all on tripods on my porch. I took the same lens and went from camera to camera checking how well each ground glass resolved the same image. (This is possible because I have adapted all my cameras to accept the standard Tachihara/Linhof/Wista style metal lens plate.) To my pleasent surprise the SatinSnow handmade GG resolved fine linear objects the best on my 5x7. Next was the stock B&J GG on the 2D and lastly was the Tachihara!

Sadly enough it did not even show the fine lines because the fresnel grid was larger than the focused object!!! BTW, the object was field fencing and thusly a linear grid of wire. I am now waiting for a replacement 4x5 and 8x10 SatinSnow to arrive. If you order one, do like me and forget about them until they arrive. It is a mom & pop business that is very popular and busy!

In closing I realise this is "slightly" off topic but I think the overall improvement of image and display quality on the replacement GG is worth mentioning. I also agree with Brian's statement that I have usually removed the hood on the cameras I have used that had the option. Also, the regular commercial 4x5 abs plastic protector is cheaper than a pop-up hood.

Hope this helps, Paul