View Full Version : will my 210mm cover 10x8 film?

paul owen
17-May-2005, 12:44
Hello to all. I'm looking for some "real world" advice here! I appreciate from the specs that the Sinaron-S/Rodenstock-N 210mm 5.6 will cover 5x7 BUT my question is ... will it cover a sheet of 10x8 film if stopped well down and without movements? I recall a thread somewhere (can't locate it now!) from someone using a Caltar 210mm 5.6 and they found it will just cover at f32 (I think!). Anyone had any experience? I would test myself but I'm pushed for time and would like to use this lens this weekend! Thanks in advance! Paul

17-May-2005, 12:52
Yes, but with no movements at infinity.

Donald Hutton
17-May-2005, 13:37

Forget about the 210mm - get your 110XL out - it is amazing! I usually stop mine down to about f32 for 8X10 - CF helps a lot. You will still be able to get a little back tilt and about 1/2 inch of front rise. On your 'Dorff, you'll need to use the wide angle configuration - it would help to set this up indoors and put some markers onto the camera before trying to shoot on location with the 110.

Will Strain
17-May-2005, 13:39
The Caltar II is usually just a rebadged Rodenstock, so I would imagine the coverage specs would be the same. ie. just barely, at f22 or higher, with no movements.

David Vickery
17-May-2005, 13:47
Hello, I frequently use my 210/5.6 Caltar-II S on my 8x10. It allows for a small amount of movement at infinity. I sometimes go too far with it and get unexposed corners at the top of the image but I usually don't care. I almost always expose film at the smaller apertures, and have not tried it wider open than about f/32-that I remember. My lens seems to be very sharp almost all the way out to the edge of the image circle. I am sure that you can get lenses with much better coverage, but for the price and the performance of this lens I am pleased with it.

Though mine is the Schnieder version, I would be surprised if yours is much different.

Sam Crater
17-May-2005, 14:01
For what (little) it's worth I have found that the 100mm Sironar-N is great on 4x5 at infinity with no movements. Since the lenses are supposed to have the same coverage angle I'd guess the 210 would do slightly better on 8x10 than my 100 does on 4x5.

Michael Kadillak
17-May-2005, 19:19
Best 210 lens for the money I feel for the 8x10 format is the Kowa. I put one in a Copal 1 and I needed an expansion ring to allow it to take a 52mm filter. Over 400mm of coverage and one of the smallest lightest lenses I have. Great contrast and sharp as the dickens. Don't need a center filter either. I have the 150mm Nikon SW and it is a hog compared to this one.


paul owen
18-May-2005, 02:38

Scott Rosenberg
18-May-2005, 21:33
to anyone whose tried, will the 210 APO-Sironar-S cover 8x10? how about the 210 APO-Symmar-L... according to the spec sheets, they've got the image circle, but i don't know how much the image degrades towards the edges. the mtf charts look pretty sad.