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Miguel Salhuana
17-May-2005, 11:08
Hello all,

First off let me say that I have found this forum highly educational and it helped me to make my purchasing decision. I have acquired and Arca-Swiss Discovery with a Nikon 240mm f/5.6 lens. I have just done my first set of exposures and can not wait to see the results. I live in the Phoenix, AZ area and if any other photogs in the area would like to help out a newbie drop me a line.



steve simmons
17-May-2005, 11:24
There might be a large format user's group centered out of Photomark in the area. Ask for Rod Klukas.

steve simmons

Ellen Stoune Duralia
17-May-2005, 13:05
Hey Miguel :) Congrats on your entry into the fun and exciting world of large format!

Ralph Barker
17-May-2005, 19:34
In keeping with the current cinema activity, welcome to the dark slide, Miguel. ;-)

My sister lives in Phoenix, so I visit there occasionally. I'll try to remember to drop you a line next time I'm headed that way to see if we can connect. We tried a night shot of the Boy Scout headquarters on a previous visit.


Malcolm Matusky
6-Jun-2005, 18:34
I live in Scottsdale, fortunately there are still a few labs left in the city that will process 4x5, Colormark at 24th Street and McDowell, Tempe camera ( and associated lab) Image Craft, drop off in the Airpark in Scottsdale and the main lab is on Broadway in Phx.

I am not aware of any large format specific clubs in the area, though there is a Phoenix camera club, though I never attended a meeting it is a local resource. Occasionally I have attended the local chapter of ASMP's meeting, sometimes you can find a bullitin in one of the labs. There web site is not updated frequenely enough.

Good luck,