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Calamity Jane
16-May-2005, 16:24
My new old folder arrived today and it is a little beauty! It is in great shape, it's light, and the bellows seem to be lightproof. It's in such good shape I am not even going to "restore" it!

I still can't figure out what it is! The label is worn but it looks like "The Exxxco Camera Co." The "The E..." part is very faint and I could be wrong but "....co Camera Co." is readable - letters in between are unreadable. If I had to guess, I'd guess something like "The Emmoco Camera Co."

The lens is an "Ansco Company Actus" by Wollensak, patented Aug 13, 1912. It seems to be about a 120mm focal length. It has continuous scales (no "clicks") from f8 to f128 and speed from 1/25 to 1/100 (also no clicks) plus B and T. It is a self-cocking shutter (no set lever).

There's pictures on e-bay http://cgi.ebay.ca/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=7510167310

Any help in identifying the camera and lens would be GREATLY appreciated!

Calamity Jane
16-May-2005, 16:25
P.S. It had a viewfinder on the right hand side of the base and a distance scale on the left, both of which are gone.

John T.
16-May-2005, 16:52
It looks like it could be from the Seroco Camera Co.

Will Strain
16-May-2005, 17:10
Yup - another vote for Seroco (Sears and Roebuck Co) Camera.


Same mechanicals.

Calamity Jane
16-May-2005, 18:38
Yup, that must be it - identical except one or two very minor details - probably just a different year of manufacture.

If Sears were selling them, I expect it isn't very rare. That'll make me more comfortable using it as a carry-about LF.

I KNEW I asked the right group of people :-)

Ernest Purdum
16-May-2005, 19:27
I think the lens/shutter assembly must be a replacement. I don't know of any ANSCO lenses being made for cameras of other than their own make. Also, presumably it is much newer than the camera. I haven't been able to find any details about it. If the lens reflections show it to be asymmetric, I would guess a Cooke Triplet type, or a Rapid Rectilinear if symmetrical. The 1912 date refers to the shutter only, I believe.

Calamity Jane
17-May-2005, 06:46
I'm sure you are right Ernest. The round hole in the front standard is much larger than the lens and it looks like someone tried to fit a lens board.

I guess I am going to have to try to track down an original lens for it (and viewfinder). I have seen reference to Wollensak and Ernemann lenses.

Does anybody know if there is a good antique camera board that deals with OLD LF?

Thanks group!