View Full Version : What kind of MPG does this ULF get, I wonder?

John Kasaian
7-Dec-2016, 15:17

7-Dec-2016, 23:04
he done a great job at documenting / promoting his project!

8-Dec-2016, 07:46
And he can carry an 8x10 for submini work.

Pete Roody
8-Dec-2016, 08:31
Nothing new! Carleton Watkins had a similar setup.

8-Dec-2016, 09:51
Been following this project for a while ... although it is hard to find the 1780mm and 1800mm lenses, there were significantly more made than 10. A lot of them were dumped though when the large lithography cameras in the semicon business were no longer needed.

Took me 9 months to find my 1780mm RDA (about 50 made ... )

As for mileage of the ULF ... 6mpg on the highway ;-)

Cheers !

8-Dec-2016, 10:10
Is not so much the MPG, it's a question of just how many gas stations there are in the Dolomites? Do they have a tanker truck follow them around? Also, given their engineering prowess, you'd think they could figure out a way to coat the glass plates more evenly. I'd be pretty disappointed if after building that truck, that's the best photo I could come back with. Where's William Henry Jackson when you need him?

Drew Wiley
8-Dec-2016, 13:21
Looks good to me. You could sure flatten a lot of selfie phone photographers all at once with that thing!

Alan Gales
10-Dec-2016, 21:08
Well, John. You have been asking us what vehicle you should buy. I think you found it! :cool: