View Full Version : Polysulphide Toner Questions - T-8 vs. Kodak Brown Toner

30-Nov-2016, 17:35
Trying to find some information on the T-8 Polysulphide toner listed in Tim Rudman's toning book and Steve Anchell's "Darkroom Cookbook" and it's relationship to the Kodak Brown toner in terms of usage and modification. Anyone have any insights into the following questions?

1: Can the T-8 toner be made as a concentrate similar to the Kodak Brown Toner?
Kodak Brown Toner has a listed working dilution of 1:31 where the T-8 is listed as working strength, are these equivalent toners at these working strengths?

2:Tim Rudman says you can make a replacement Polytoner equivalent by combining Kodak Brown Toner, Kodak Rapid Selenium Toner and Kodak Balanced Alkali in different quantities (ex. 75mL KBT + 17mL KRST + 30g KBA for "rich red-brown"). How would/can you substitute the T-8 formula in place of the Kodak Brown Toner to replicate the effect?

3: How do you balance these additives to achieve different toning effects and what role does each one play in the toner's operation?

Any insight in to this would be very helpful! The Kodak Brown Toner formula is proving difficult to track down so trying to figure out a substitute toner has been proving difficult.

Drew Wiley
5-Dec-2016, 16:58
First of all you can do selenium and brown toner sequentially rather than mix them, which in my opinion gives better control over how each behaves. And the
direct equivalent of Kodak brown toner is now made by Legacy Pro. I got mine from Freestyle.